Welcome to Noa's territory. Below you'll find some information about the webmaster, Noa, and above you'll find links. Depending on when you got here the site might be undergoing maintenance also known as I'm trying to make the links not look wonky or rewriting the site landing page.

bear in mind that this website is ran by one person, and that I've recently made the choice to put more effort to produce quality over quantity. I'm still learning html and website design so be patient.

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Some questions you might or might not have... answered.

Q – Who are you?
A – I’m Noa. Some basic information is that I use he or she pronouns, I am 20 years old and live in northern Europe. I’m a canine therian, mostly for spiritual reasons.

Q- What is this website for?
A- I wish I knew. It’s just my own personal space right now. Tag along if you want to see a bit of my life and thoughts.

Q - What are you interested in?
A – Collecting things, reading tarot, weapons (knives and guns), MMORPGs, archival/data hoarding, Magic the gathering, virtual youtubers and embroidery.

Q- What do you collect?
A – my collection is small since I just started in 2022, but currently I collect Cds and vinyls. I also have quite a few tarot decks and a big folder of Magic the Gathering cards, some of my tarot decks were lost during my move in 2021 though. I feel I still have my favourite decks with me though, including this ridiculously tiny Rider Waite deck.

Q- What kind of music do you like?
A- Anything and everything my friend. I listen to whatever I’m feeling at the time and buy Cds that look interesting.

Q- Do you have any pets
A- I have a cat named Mara. She is a threeyear old Norwegian forest cat.

Q- What’s the motivation behind your archive?
A- Someone once said content disappears off the internet constantly, so it’s good to have a copy to keep for yourself. I don’t share my hoard so it’s all about what I find valuable.

Here's a to do -list and update log for anyone who cares.
9.7.2022 : maintenance again, rewrote the landing page and shit.
8.6.2022 : started overhauling the entire site from scratch.

To do list...
* Journal page for ... loose thoughts / scraps, writing exercises / drafts, dream log.