This is the first compilation of writing exercises done either with prompts or without. I'll add an index later so you can CTRL F and search for whatever you want to find, since this page might get long. For now it's just a handful of stuff from this year written in ''the most dangerous writing app''


He had an hour to get home. If he didn't make it, he would probably be here the rest of his life. The street lamps illuminated his path on his journey far from home. This place seemed like everything he had known before, the only different thing was the giant countdown clock illuminating the night sky. One hour left, it said. One hour before everything would end. One hour and he would be stuck in this place forever. One hour before... The end. Yes, everything would be gone. Did he know for sure? No, but the dangerous red light coming from the sky told him that this was urgent. More than urgent, in fact. He had calculated that if he were in his own timeline, he would be around 65 minutes away from home.
He didn't know where the instinct came from, but something in his gut told him that if he reached his bedroom and shut off the taunting light of his laptop he would be free. Ah, yes, the laptop. The thing that got him here.
He had been browsing on the internet as per usual, nothing seemed out of the ordinary before his screen went blue. Now, a blue screen isn't necessarily an uncommon thing. The blue screen of death, they call it. The usual frowning face on his screen was now smiling in a big toothy grin. That's when all went blank.
That's how he ended up here. A little bit over an hour away from home, with only an hour to spare before god knows what would happen.


His voice had never sounded so cold, the sound rung through my ears as my father told me; I wouldn't be alive for long. Nobody knew why or when I would die, just that I wouldn't be alive to see my own story pan out.
My father stared at me with nothing in his eyes, his stare was blank and cold. A lump was starting to form in my throat, I didn't know what to say. Was this some sort of sick joke? Was he just teasing me? I didn't even have any kind of illnesses to speak of! My father just... Suddenly told me I would die soon, with this hauntingly cold stare.
I began to speak, stuttering as I did. ''You can't be serious? Is this a joke?'' I stammered out, my father's face didn't move an inch. No smile, no laughter to indicate that this was all some sick prank.
What I noticed next would scar me for all that was left of my life: nothing. Darkness. The rough texture of a burlap sack fabric covering my face. Someone had snuck up behind me. My mother? I smelled her perfume... She surely wasn't in the room when my father and I were having this talk? Was she?
The sickening scent of an unknown chemical filled my lungs. Chlorine? Soon the darkness of the fabric would turn into the real void; I passed out cold.
I soon woke up, feeling the cold and moist ground. Moss?! I opened my eyes, the same fabric covering my face. My arms and legs were free, it seems I had just been left here to fend for myself. I slowly reached up to take off the sack thrown over my head.
The light of the sun damn near blinded me, forcing me to adjust. I was outside? In a fairly well lit forest, or so it seemed. Everything about the horizon seemed a little too... Flat.

elf saw


As he fell, he waited for his savior to come, knowing damn well nobody could help him. As the platform retracted from underneath him and the last words of prayer left his lips, it was all already over.
All he had ever done, all he had worked so hard for in life, was gone and to be forgotten. He never got to leave his mark on the world. As he fell, he could feel his childhood self staring down on him with a look of disappointment paving his face.
As a child he had dreamed of becoming the best known engineer in his village, to show all the other elven people wrong. He was smart! He could have shown them that he was good enough, that he could do it! He could get into the springheld university and prove everyone wrong.
As he fell, all thoughts of possibly having a partner, maybe a few children, maybe a pet... It all flashed in front of his eyes. Tears started welling up in his eyes as if time slowed down, the spikes below seemed almost jeering as they slowly approached him.
Was there anything he could do? Was it all going to end with the sickening sinking feeling of sharp spikes digging through his intestines? Was it all going to end with piercing pain?
Soon it all went dark.

Dream man

She couldn't believe it. Was it really him? Marcy took a step forward, assessing the situation. It couldn’t be, right? She had spent years having vivid night terrors about a man tormenting her, the escape always seeming to be slightly out of reach. The only thing rescuing her from the grasp of unconsciousness was her alarm clock, but now… Now the wall between reality and dreams had been shattered.
She was sure she hadn’t seen the man before, going through every small snippet of memory she had. Nothing. Nothing! His crooked nose, the glass eye… Surely it couldn’t just be a coincidence? Surely that was the man. Everything was right from his height being exactly the same to his ashy brown hair coming down to his shoulders, curling up slightly towards the sky at the ends.
She wanted to just… Say something! Even a simple ’’do I know you?’’ would work. There he was, standing next to a tall oak tree at the local park. Maybe this would be her opportunity to break through the cycle of sleepless nights and terrors beyond explaining? Surely…
The man was walking towards her now. Oh.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed these.